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fine art 

This page showcases my hand-crafted artworks, employing graphite to achieve a striking black-and-white aesthetic with high contrast, which characterizes my style. I adeptly create illustrations both digitally and on traditional paper.


Below is a project centered on Bessie Coleman, the pioneering first Female African American Aviator. I made a deliberate choice to spotlight the 'unheard narratives' of significant individuals that have been overlooked in traditional teachings.


Her narrative is truly captivating, culminating in a dynamic concertina format that narrates her journey through illustrations, in a chronological timeline.


I consistently receive requests for lifelike portraits, such as the ongoing series featuring below, a growing family for whom I have been crafting portraits over the years. The process is ongoing as their family continues to expand! I love producing these personalised artworks, which are frequently passed on as heartfelt gifts. If you are intrigued, navigate to my contact page, and we can start the process of creating your bespoke piece of art.

digital commissions

Untitled_Artwork 35.png
Untitled_Artwork 34.png
Untitled_Artwork 33.png
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